Nate Bennett

Founder and Editor in Chief of

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. Here at FromTheStands, our number one priority is to provide quality content, made by fans, for fans. I wanted to create an all-encompassing site where fans could see the latest news and information about their favorite clubs in a simple, yet elegant design.

I strongly believe “Football” is our world’s universal language.

Growing up, I’ve always had a passion for sports. I noticed from an early age that it was something that brought people together, so my ambition with FromTheStands is to continue that narrative.

In 2007, I played FIFA Sports for the first time which opened my eyes to the expansive realm of world “football”. It was so cool seeing how many professional teams there are across the world. From that moment on – I was hooked.

I’m an avid Manchester United fan. While I always root for my club to win, I can’t help but respect the other top clubs around the globe because they mean as much to their fans as Manchester United means to me.

Take a look around FromTheStands and let us know your thoughts. Please comment and share!