Mikel Arteta, Out?

Mikel Arteta, Out?

On Sunday, Chelsea put on a dominant display against Arsenal at the Emirates, winning 2-0 in the “North London Derby.” Romelu Lukaku made his first appearance for the Blues since completing his $135 million move from Inter Milan, where he won the Italian league last season.

Many predicted Chelsea would beat their local rivals handily, but what was shocking was just how poor Arsenal were. Having spent the most money of any Premier League side this summer, one would expect that this investment in the team would positively impact their performances on the pitch. This thought process couldn’t be farther from the truth. Arsenal now have lost their opening two Premier League fixtures, conceding four goals and scoring zero.

In the Gunner’s defense, they are currently without nine senior players; either through injury, sickness, or lack of training. You can call it bad luck, but the side that Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta fielded today should have had more quality and intensity than they displayed. The question remains, “How much are Arsenal’s problems down to the manager?’

The lack of patience from Arsenal fans is evident. #ArtetaOut is currently trending on Twitter. With Arsenal facing Manchester City this coming weekend at the Etihad, if they get blown out, the Spanish boss could be out of a job by next week.

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    I believe he needs more time. Sure he’s been in the job 18 months, but he’s won two trophies which is more than many other premier league managers can say

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      It’s a very good point. Also some time to see how the new signings acclimate. Once that happens, we should have a good understanding if Mikel Arteta is the right man for the job in the long run. Thanks for your comment Ryan!

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    Mikel needs more time! He gets too much disrespect. Trust the process!

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