Avram Glazer set to attend Carabao Cup final at Wembley

Avram Glazer set to attend Carabao Cup final at Wembley

Manchester United fans remain unsure if the club will be sold or whether an investment company is set to come in and help Joel and Avram Glazer remain at the club as majority stakeholders.

While it is very rare for the Glazer family to show up for games due to how toxic they have been to our football club, The Athletic claims that Avram Glazer is planning to attend Sunday’s Carabao Cup final against Newcastle at Wembley.

Avram last attended a United game in August, when United lost 2-1 against Brighton on the opening day of the season. But the American family have not stepped foot inside the stadium for a match since announcing plans to potentially sell the club.

Avram’s possible attendance has already drawn huge focus from supporters who will be Wembley bound.

The 1958 have reacted to the news on Avram’s attending the cup final, as seen below. They see it as an opportunity to show him exactly how we feel after 17-years of destroying our football club. You can join them at the Torch tomorrow, with flags and banners planned for Wembley.


Rumours Avram will be attending the final. The nerve.

It’s our opportunity to show him what we want. A FULL SALE ONLY!

30,000 United need to show him how we feel.

We have warned the fanbase many times how horrible and driven by greed this family are. pic.twitter.com/dBBLEHU6Q4

— The 1958 (@The__1958) February 25, 2023

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