Borussia Dortmund keen to finalise Jadon Sancho loan ahead of winter training camp

Borussia Dortmund keen to finalise Jadon Sancho loan ahead of winter training camp

Borussia Dortmund want to sign Manchester United winger Jadon Sancho on loan this month.

Initial talks over a loan deal until the end of the season have already taken place, although sources have told Stretty News that United are aware of interest from other clubs too.

United signed Sancho from Dortmund in 2021 in a deal worth £73 million, but he has not featured for the Reds since August after a public falling out with Erik ten Hag. The England winger has been banished from the first team as a result.

Sancho’s last appearance for United came in a 3-2 win over Nottingham Forest on August 26.

According to Sky Sports News, Dortmund want Sancho to join them on their training camp in Marbella next week. Talks are underway over a six-month loan deal as they believe a deal would be popular among supporters, who admired Sancho during his first spell at the club.

Sancho is under contract at United until 2026, although the Reds have the option to extend that by a further year.

Speaking about the potential move on Sky Sports’ Transfer Show, Dharmesh Sheth said: “What will be under discussion right now will be a loan fee potentially and the salary situation because he’s on big wages. Can Borussia Dortmund afford to pay the full wages of Jadon Sancho? Or will they hope that United can help them out and pay a portion of those wages as well?

“This could be a move that could work for everyone, though. Erik ten Hag obviously has fallen out with the player, so he will have a player that he’s fallen out with no longer in the squad for the rest of the season.

“Jadon Sancho’s not getting a sniff of any first-team action, let alone first-team training so he could potentially get first-team football.

“If he was to go to Dortmund for six months, plays well and comes back to Manchester United then his market value will probably be a lot higher than it is as it stands right now. Or maybe – and it’s a long shot – he comes back to United after those six months and maybe reintegrates into the Manchester United squad.

“But as it stands, there’s still plenty of work to be done on this deal, but Borussia Dortmund are now interested and are in talks with Manchester United over Jadon Sancho.

“When INEOS announced that 25 per cent investment, which is still to be ratified of course by the Premier League, they have to be consulted about any movements in and out of Manchester United and we’re told that that is the case and they have been consulted about this deal.”

Dortmund will hope that Sancho can hit the ground running when he returns to the pitch, but he’s been away from action for some time but they’re seemingly avoiding the risk by not signing him on a permanent deal.

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