Financial expert gives view on Manchester United sale

Financial expert gives view on Manchester United sale

After 17 years of ownership by the Glazer family and a considerable decline in the club’s success on the pitch, Manchester United fans have long had enough of their leeching owners.

Following 24 hours from an announcement published on the official Manchester United website, there is a sense that a new era could be on the horizon.

Financial experts Saxo have provided commentary on the matter – along with data to support their viewpoints.

Anaam Ram, financial expert at investment platform Saxo, said: “Manchester United’s club value has increased by £260million ($311million) off the back of news that owners the Glazer family are willing to sell up. The club’s market capitalisation rose from £1.78billion ($2.12billion) to £2.04billion ($2.43billion) in the past 24 hours after their share price increased to £12.57 ($14.94), up from £11.09 ($13.18).

“The announcement yesterday has clearly filled investors with confidence with the Glazer family’s turbulent tenure owning the club seemingly coming closer to the end. Since Sir Alex Ferguson left the club 10 years ago, the team have won just three major trophies leading to fan protests due to the lack of resource and direction at the club. 

“In July, the club’s share price hit its lowest point since joining the New York Stock Exchange in 2012 prompting calls for the Glazers to step down once again.

“Their announcement yesterday coincides with the club parting company with star player Cristiano Ronaldo, who earlier this week scrutinised the ownership and handling of the club in an explosive interview – likely causing dispute among fans, players and the board.”

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