Gary Neville pays heartfelt tribute to Sir Bobby Charlton

Gary Neville pays heartfelt tribute to Sir Bobby Charlton

Manchester United and England legend Sir Bobby Charlton passed away aged 86. Tributes have flooded in ever since the news emerged on Saturday evening.

Former club captain Gary Neville believes the ‘legendary’ Bobby Charlton epitomised what being a Manchester United player means.

Everyone connected with United is at a loss with the news, but Charlton’s story will live on forever because he is one of our all-time greatest.

The World Cup winner scored 249 goals in 758 games for United, winning the European Cup and the Ballon d’Or during that period.

United players wore black armbands against Sheffield United on Saturday night as a sign of respect.

Furthermore, fans have signed a book of condolences with flowers laid around the Holy Trinity statue outside Old Trafford.

Speaking on his Sky Sports podcast, Neville paid an emotional tribute to Charlton.

“I think he is the greatest English football player of all time, winning the World Cup, the Ballon d’Or, the European Cup and the impact he’s had by winning all those trophies but also just his longevity at Manchester United,” Neville said.

“He played over 700 games, which is just unbelievable, over 100 games for England and if you think about his journey as a youth player and it’s what I always think of; three consecutive Youth Cups at United.

“Manchester United was built on the principles of the Youth Cup, which was everything when I joined in 1991/92. I think they won it in the first five of its existence in the 50s and Sir Bobby Charlton was part of that.

“When you think about the Busby Babes and what that created at United, the belief in youth and opportunity. He was the greatest representative of that, he survived the Munich air crash, that great tragedy.

“He lived it through it, lost so many of his teammates and colleagues and how he recovered, with the rest of the club, to come through that and win titles but then to go on and win the European Cup at Wembley is absolutely incredible.”

Neville continued: “Sir Bobby Charlton is an icon, a legend, those words that get used, he is the genuine legend of Manchester United. He’s the only player to play for the club that’s had a stand named after him.

“I know Sir Alex has one, but he managed the club. He’s got the statue outside Old Trafford, with George Best and Denis Law, the three greatest names in United history, sort of the godfathers of what the club is.

“Bobby Charlton lived to tell the story of the great eras of United, from Sir Matt Busby to Alex Ferguson, he came to every single match and he was there in the dressing room after every single match when I was there.

“You think of his stability and guidance in the early years of Sir Alex Ferguson when he could see what he was doing behind the scenes with the youth when many wanted him gone, he was someone who said ‘no, something is happening’.

“Ferguson has spoken about how important he was to have that thread of history running through the club with his football experience and knowledge.”

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