Gary Neville questions Cristiano Ronaldo over truth-revealing interview

Gary Neville questions Cristiano Ronaldo over truth-revealing interview

Cristiano Ronaldo promised to reveal the truth on media speculation regarding his future at Manchester United in August – but nothing followed.

Over the summer, reports broke of Ronaldo’s desire to leave United as he was adamant about playing Champions League football over the 2022/2023 campaign.

Whilst Ronaldo ultimately stayed in Manchester, he was linked with several clubs over the transfer window, without a deal ever materialising.

After United suffered an embarrassing 4-0 defeat to Brentford, a close friend of the 38-year-old shared his hopes of Ronaldo leaving the club, saying (via Manchester Evening News): “I really want Cristiano to leave Manchester because the current scenario in this team is very bad for him, but if he stays, I will cheer fervently to make everything go well as always.

“Until the 31st [August], the fans will be for him to go to a better team and that can happen, let’s wait.”

The Portugal captain responded: “They [the media] know the truth when they interview in a couple of weeks. The media is telling lies. I have a notebook and in the last few months of the 100 news I made, only 5 were right. Imagine how it is. Stick with that tip.”

Almost eight weeks on and Ronaldo is yet to share the truth he so desperately wanted to tell.

Gary Neville has his say

Former United captain weighed in on the situation during the latest instalment of The Overlap: “I think those in charge at Manchester United genuinely think there isn’t a centre-forward at the club at this moment in time who will score more goals than Cristiano Ronaldo.

“He will be focusing on the World Cup now. He said a couple weeks before the transfer window ended that: ‘you’ll hear the truth in a couple weeks.’ Has that even happened yet?”

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