Graeme Souness says Erik ten Hag will be forgotten in five years

Graeme Souness says Erik ten Hag will be forgotten in five years

Erik ten Hag’s supposed feud with Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United has invited a host of ‘experts’ and commentators to chip in with their views on the matter.

Ten Hag will not be keeping up with what the public has to say on the matter but from the outside, it must be said that the Dutchman has handled the difficult situation impeccably.

Ronaldo has not been a regular starter under Ten Hag this season and when the 37-year-old was asked to come on against Tottenham, he refused. He was subsequently left out of training and the matchday squad against Chelsea last week.

Speaking earlier on Tuesday, former Liverpool player Graeme Souness has become the latest figure in the media to offer his two cents and it’s not pretty reading.

“In five years’ time, Ten Hag will be away from United, and no one will talk about him at Man United,” Souness told talkSPORT, via Pundit Arena.

“I would have ironed it out with Ronaldo on day 1. I personally would use him very differently, I still think he’s got something to offer.

“In five years time, no one will remember Ten Hag. Ronaldo will be remembered as arguably the greatest player who has ever kicked a football.”

SN’s verdict…
It’s a strange stance to take – especially when Ten Hag’s first couple of months at the club have been overwhelmingly positive considering the volume of changes since his arrival. In contrast, Jurgen Klopp’s first three years in total were far more inconsistent than Ten Hag’s first three months.

Earlier this month, The Athletic reported that Souness was likely to leave his position as a pundit with Sky Sports at the end of this season. That might have been met by jubilation by United supporters but evidently, his obsession with the Reds have been extended to other platforms.

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