Manchester United Supporters’ Trust welcomes Sir Jim Ratcliffe as new co-owner

Manchester United Supporters’ Trust welcomes Sir Jim Ratcliffe as new co-owner

Manchester United Supporters Trust have reacted to the news that Sir Jim Ratcliffe is now a co-owner of Manchester United.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe has vowed to take Manchester United to the very top and provide “world-class facilities’ for fans after the completion of his investment in the club was confirmed on Tuesday night.

It is news that should fill all United fans with hope after a difficult 18-years of Glazer control. This deal is far from ideal, but at least the Glazers will no longer have a say on football operations – not that they ever cared about that!

Ratcliffe has bought 25% of the Class A shares through the tender offer and 25% of the Class B shares from the Glazer family, which sees his total stake in the club at 27.7%.

MUST has issued a response to the news and they’ve already held a meeting with Ratcliffe this year.

The statement reads: “The news that the deal for Sir Jim Racliffe to buy an initial 25% stake in the Club has now completed will be welcomed by our fans around the world. Even before today, Sir Jim and his team have made an impressive start to their new role at United having moved fast on recruitment and on fan engagement. They are also clearly looking seriously and ambitiously at the future of Old Trafford.

“After the difficulties of the last decade, United fans are realistic about the journey back to the top and we know it won’t happen overnight. But Sir Jim has declared his mission to restore United back to the top of English and European football and we dearly hope we can look back on today as a turning point in that journey.

“Fans priorities now are to see the needed recruitment continue, both on and off the pitch, and the promised investment in both football and the stadium delivered. And all of this must be delivered in a new spirit of partnership between the Club and the fans. We wish Sir Jim and his team every success.”

Let us know in the comments section what you think of Ratcliffe’s deal.

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