Middlesbrough star waxes lyrical about Michael Carrick’s management

Middlesbrough star waxes lyrical about Michael Carrick’s management

Michael Carrick’s Middlesbrough side are three points behind sixth-placed Coventry and remain in the hunt for promotion to the Premier League.

It is a big week for Carrick and Boro as they take on Chelsea in the second leg of the Carabao Cup semi-finals.

The former Manchester United midfielder and coach has a chance to emulate Steve McClaren’s side if they can overcome the Blues – with a 1-0 lead going into the second leg.

Boro star Lukas Engel has spoken to Danish magazine Tipsbladet about being coaches by the former England international.

Engel explains that Carrick is an insanely talented manager and reveals he can still play.

“He has experienced a lot, and he has an impressive CV. He is also a player I watched on television when I was growing up. He is a role model for many when he has played at the level he has. He is an insanely talented coach.

“My friends and family can be starstruck on my behalf. I have some friends who are Manchester United fans, and they are starstruck about it.

“Yes, sometimes he can stand in a position, but he is not involved when we play possession. He has been a talented player, and he probably never loses it, and you can see that he can still play.”

We would like to wish Carrick the best of luck against Chelsea on Tuesday night.

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