‘Never know what you get’ – Ryan Giggs sends message to Sir Jim Ratcliffe

‘Never know what you get’ – Ryan Giggs sends message to Sir Jim Ratcliffe

Ryan Giggs has told Manchester United majority owner Sir Jim Ratcliffe that he has to change things at Old Trafford, with the club needing to reset and ‘start again’.

The United legend made over 900 appearances for the Reds and is the most decorated player in English football history, winning the Premier League on 13 occasions alongside two Champions League triumphs.

Giggs believes the best way Ratcliffe can turn things around at Old Trafford is by making big changes at the club. He has called for a complete reboot.

As quoted in The Telegraph, Giggs admitted he is worried about the current path United are heading down. The former left winger was then asked how to change it.

“Like everyone else, it’s frustrating and has been for the last six or seven years. Nobody knows the answer and you have to start again. It starts from the top. We’re just so inconsistent and you just never know what you get.”

Giggs also suggested that United must sign players who genuinely want to play for the club. He added: “That is the number one thing we have to change. The culture of the club. To get plauers in who want to play for United and will do anything to win a game for United. That is something in the medium-term, we have to get those players in.”

Let us know in the comments section what you would like to see Ratcliffe change first at United.

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