The 1958 feature on How To Buy A Football Club podcast with Simon Stone

The 1958 feature on How To Buy A Football Club podcast with Simon Stone

Simon Jones records from San Diego on pre-season tour covering Manchester United.

The BBC Sport reporter takes a break from that to record the latest episode of the BBC’s How To Buy A Football Club podcast, which was launched last year to cover the takeover process at Manchester United.

The question is when will the takeover end?

In the latest episode of How To Buy a Football Club, Stone speaks to anonymous members of The 1958 group.

This podcast comes after Avram Glazer was president at United’s pre-season game against Arsenal in New Jersey. He was also present – with wife – at a training camp State Side.

Stone thinks there could be Glazer presence at the next tour game against Borussia Dortmund.

The 1958 was formed by a passionate underground group of match-going Reds who value the club’s tradition and culture.

They don’t want to stand back and watch the club they love (continue to) rot.

They want the Glazers out after 18-years of horrid ownership.

Stones plays devils advocate a bit by asking if it’s fair that United fans protest against the Glazers, perhaps suggesting how little he cares for match-going supporters by blatantly showing a blind eye to what’s really going on.

The 1958 preference on takeover: Glazers gone and they say they are not naive enough to think they have any real influence in what decision the American family make.

After our pod with Simon Stone and BBC Sport this week. We’ll ask you the question.

Would you take relegation for a season to rid the club of Glazer?

— The 1958 (@The__1958) July 27, 2023

Stone questions them on the potential of being owned by a human rights abusing state. The 1958 stick to the ongoing fight of the Glazers.

Then Stone suggest United fans are unhappy because ‘we’re not winning games’. Is he forgetting there were anti-Glazer protests during the Sir Alex Ferguson years.

Listen here.

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