(Video) Graeme Souness claims Man Utd signing will get ‘found out’ in the Premier League

(Video) Graeme Souness claims Man Utd signing will get ‘found out’ in the Premier League

Manchester United summer signing Lisandro Martinez endured a tough first two games at the club but since then, he has impressed fans with back-to-back Man of the Match performance against Liverpool and Southampton.

Martinez has emerged as a leader for United at the base of United’s defence but despite promising performances, he is still facing scrutiny in the press.

The latest pundit to raise doubts over the Argentine is Graeme Souness, who seems to have found a new United player to pick on following Paul Pogba’s departure over the summer.

“I think Martinez will be sorely tested and be found out in the PL.”

“He’s not special at anything!”

“Martinez goes to ground too readily, the clever defenders stay on their feet.”

Graeme Souness says #MUFC’s “vertically challenged” Martinez will fail in the PL. pic.twitter.com/jSjkWCmQJ2

— talkSPORT (@talkSPORT) August 29, 2022

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“He’s vertically challenged, “ Souness told talkSPORT. “And I was racking my mind to come up with anyone who played in the Premier League that size and been a success. I think he will get sorely tested and be found out going forward.

“He’s not particularly special at anything. I would say he stays aggressive. Another thing I don’t like about him – he goes to ground too readily.

“That is not a good sign for a defender. Defenders, the clever ones, stay on their feet and are reading it. They’re they’re, they’re anticipating. If you’re lunging all the time, you’re not reading it,” Souness said.

It’s quite an extraordinary attack on Souness who has bullied United players in the past for no particular reason. Despite his proven lack of football knowledge, even a former professional like Souness should be able to see the sheer quality Martinez possesses.

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