(Video) Manchester United fans asked for their views on new owners

(Video) Manchester United fans asked for their views on new owners

It seems a bit far fetched to suggest Manchester United fans will have any say in the sale of the club. We have long believed that the Glazers will just end up selling to the highest bidder regardless of their background or reasons for wanting to own a football club like Manchester United.

If you scan through this topic on social media, you will find people arguing for and against each candidate, but not in a healthy fashion. I mean, how can you have a healthy debate when the conversation consists of sportswashing, human rights abuse, or greenwashing.

There is no good guy in the running.

One thing we can all agree on is that we want Manchester United debt free. The club doesn’t need a sugar daddy, but it may be difficult to avoid splitting into the hands of one since the Glazers are likely to jump at the highest bidder.

Sky Sports (H/t Football Daily) asked a few United fans for their thoughts on new owners ahead of Sunday’s 3-0 win over Leicester City in the Premier League.

Manchester United fans share their reactions to the potential bids from various buyers such as the Qatari’s pic.twitter.com/A6wV8pzHdp

— Football Daily (@footballdaily) February 19, 2023

“As long as the people looking to buy the club are going to keep the club at mind, that’s got to be the priority,” said one fan.

Another added: “I want to Qatar group to takeover because they have the money to build up our team.”

A more cautiously optimistic fan said: “Obviously the human rights issues is one thing to take into consideration, but I think for the club it would be a good thing. It would be fabulous to get the Glazers gone and to get the club back to its former glories.”

It should go without saying that none of these fans speak on behalf of all United supporters. Nobody does but there are lots of mixed opinions out there and we still don’t know the full story about the bidding process as it reaches phase two following Friday’s soft deadline.

Let us know in the comments section how you feel about a potential takeover from the Qatari group or Sir Jim Ratcliffe.

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